About Us

A unique concept

XLned is a young and renewing company which provides Usenet services since 2007. One of the main reasons for us to start XLned has been the unpopularity of some of the Dutch Usenet providers. At that time there was a limited supply of Usenet services, there were many problems and the prices weren't that inviting. XLned had, and does still have, the resources and knowledge to offer you several Usenet services and to demonstrate you that the use of these services doesn't have to be complicated!

A long-term mission

Our mission is a long-term mission, where the highest quality at the best price is leading. XLned hasn't started as a project to earn a lot of money as fast as possible. On the contrary! We've invested a lot of time and money to create a large, fast and especially stable Usenet platform. To do so successfully, in 2007 XLned started offering free trial accounts. With these accounts visitors to our website could use our services for free for more than four months. In these months we've gained much knowledge about our platform which helps us to further develop and improve it. Right now you're looking at the result. XLned is continuously working on improving and expanding its services. We do not hesitate to invest, because in our opinion a good investment repays itself in the future!

Something for everyone

With our extended offer of services, every user will find an appropriate subscription.
For beginners we have a small and cheap start-up subscription, to become familiar with the world of Usenet services. For the small and basic users there is a special service, at which you can use all options, but without high monthly costs. Of course we don't forget the heavy users. They can choose a subscription with unlimited speed. This way everybody can find an adequate subscription which satisfies his needs.

Simple and clear

We started XLned to offer everybody Usenet access, without too much of a hassle. Clear and easy, that's the most important for us.

  • We don't try to hide the obvious but state things as they are
  • We offer full support for all our services through a helpdesk and a forum
  • Privacy is highly valued at XLned; your personal data (including your IP address) aren't visible to others.

Lakahraun EHF
Sudurlandsbraut 18
Reykjavik 108 Iceland

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