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You're not the only one

No matter how much information is available on the Internet, sometimes you get stuck. Luckily you're not the only one and often the solution to your problem is relatively simple. To ensure you a fast response at small problems and short questions, we've outlined a few common questions with their corresponding answers. You can't find your question below? Maybe our forum can give you an outcome. Of course you can always contact us, so we can help you out.

What is an Mb per second?

Often there is much confusion about the terms Mb, the abbreviation of megabits and MB, the abbreviation of megabytes. To solve this confusion once and for all, we explain both of them. A megabyte is equal to eight megabits. That is, if you subscribe for 20 Mb - megabits - you can download up to 2.50 megabytes per second. In other words, one megabit is eight times as small as one megabyte.

I get an error with code '502'

An error with code 502 and heading 'Access denied to your node' means that your username or password is incorrect. Often this happens because the password from our e-mail is copied and pasted into your news client. In order to prevent seeing this message again, you can try typing your password manually into your client. If this message keeps up appearing anyhow, you can request a new password for your subscription through My XLned.

I get an error with code '400'

An error with code 400 means that you have exceeded the maximum number of connections to the server. At times, this error is given because there was a timeout with the server and the server thinks you're still logged on. Make sure your timeout settings in your news client are at least 120 seconds. If you keep receiving this error, you can contact our helpdesk.

I've paid, but didn't receive any information yet

We do our best to process your payment as soon as possible. However, it may take up, depending on your choice of method of payment, from 1 to 5 business days before your payment is processed by the bank. Preferably use iDeal to pay for your subscription, because this payment methods is processed near real-time. At My XLned you can see if we received your payment yet. If the payment is received but you still haven't got any information, you can try to request your settings via My XLned. If this also fails, please contact our helpdesk.

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