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Although our services are straight on, it's always possible that you have a question or a problem you can't solve on your own. Therefore, we do our utmost best to provide you as much information as possible and to act as a spokesman when necessary.

Our Notice and Takedown policy

Usenet is a global medium over which XLned has no influence or control. We merely provide reading and posting access to Usenet. However, in accordance with international law we provide a notice-and-takedown policy through which any affected party can request deletion of information that is obviously in violation of the law.

You can file a complaint regarding any posting (or group of related postings) using the form below. Please fill in all information so we can properly process your complaint.

Please note: we are able to delete information from our servers only. Usenet is a distributed medium and the information may remain on servers not operated by us. In addition, information can be reposted by anyone.

Notice and Takedown form

If you represent another party, please indicate:

Racist/discriminatory content
Copyright violation
Libel/slander/privacy violation
Illegal pornography

Please check the below:

I represent and warrant that the above information I provided is accurate and complete, that I am authorized to make this complaint and that I make this complaint in good faith.
I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless XLned and its suppliers from any claim from any third-party that may arise from this complaint.